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Thursday, October 18, 2012

[DOWNLOAD] autoclicker bot (2012) - Tested and works! PRO Version

AdfbotPro is a software support click the link AdfLy professionally and quickly. It does not take much memory and CPU of your computer. It supports a good proxy. The use WebKit. NET to create it has brought high-performance access.

Using extremely simple. You only need a text file containing your links and a file is a list of live proxy. Start to it working.
* Delay: Time delay for clicks next link.
* Timeout: Reconnection if in this time period, the connection problem occurred.
* Repeat one link: Only click the first link in your list.
* Go button: Go to an site address.
* Remind: You should using more link for each proxy.
* Add(06/28/2012): AdfBotProV3.1 - Add option 'Next link when timeout'. By default, when time out occur, AdfBotPro will be reload current link clicking. You can change to 'next link when timeout', AdfBotPro wil be click to next link when time out.

DOWNLOAD: AdfBotPro V3.1

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