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Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Release] Website viewer v4

Hi to everyone,

Today I have coded a Website viewer in my spare time and I'm releasing it on TBN for all of you that wanted to have free huge traffic views on any Website of your choice.

sorry for my bad english. I'm a french guy. lol

My website viewer v4 now have:
* the proxy support
* telling you how much you have proxies in the imported text files list
* Sexy web browser to show you if the proxy really works
* Browser now extend when you maximise the bot
*** Manual click skip ad button

* clear proxy in list with the clear button. ( requested )
* Interval setting between each viewings in milisecond. ( requested )
* nice progress bar to know if the bot is activated and working in progress.

For the manual clicking, just position your cursor on the extended browser to see the skip button. then remember the numbers from X and Y positions.
enter the numbers under case blank. then simply click start button everytime you see the skip ad button and it will click automaticaly the skip ad button.

100% virus free like always. I'm coding about a long time.

virus scan here:

I have tested on many website and works very well.


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