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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thumbs up New Version v1.1: Best Verified ADFLY Bot By MOTASH Proxy,Referrer,UserAgen,SkipAD

Welcome to ADFLY Bot : Full Option ADFLY Link Clicker

New Version 1.1 : scroll down

New : Source Code Publicly Available Here

Features :-
- Complete Virtualization of click: the link is opened with optional referrer and the "Skip Ad" button pressed
- Iterate Proxies,Referrers,Addresses(ADFLY Links) Randomly
- Adjustable Random Timer between mutliple clicks

Usage :-
1- Ensure the config files (Proxy.txt , Referer.txt and Address.txt)in the same folder with executable
2- Edit Proxy list (Proxy.txt ) to add your proxies in the format ip:port max proxy entries is 255
3- Optionally: Edit the Referrer list (Referer.txt) to put a number of referrals to simulate being directed from a normal site max referrer entris is 100
4- Edit ADFLY Link Addresses list (Address.txt) to add your ADFLY Links max entries is 255-21(my links) ~= 230
5- Run the program, configure options ( User referers or not , adjust minimum and maximum random timer values in minutes )then click "Start Clicking Button"
6- After done of clicking , close the program and give a few hours and check your adfly account, you can verify functionality either from the countries you used in proxies or referrers you entered

** Very Important Notes **
1- make sure to make an empty line after the last entry in all config files ( press enter after the last entry)
2-i've added 21 ADFLY links of mine that will be added in the first of the links in address.txt, but the clicking procedure will go completely random between all links
3- it's better to insert hi-anon proxy(undetected proxies) to get benefit of geographical pay rates and avoid being marked
4- better usage of the program is to seem like normal : set the min max timers to long values and let the program work in the background all day long

Hope you enjoy the program, and don't mind doing some random clicks for me you can add up to 230 links over my 21

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I'm releasing to public to benefit with others who can find hi-anon proxies,i'm not good at finding such hi-anon proxies and have no time(at least for now) to code a Proxy Harvester

a picture of my adfly acct

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Here's a picture at after worked for few minutes


I'm noticing in my adfly statistics un-expectable growth under the provided sample referre

PLZ PLZ : put your own Proxy & Referrer lists, we can't all have clicks from the same referrer page and proxy, ADFLY Folks are not stupid they monitor traffic so carefully and this will lead to all of us loose our autoclicker, may be our accounts too !!
For referrer page it's so simple just put links of different forum threads, don't put links like or uncheck the 'Use referrer' checkbox

** i made several threads with same content(in good faith), so right now the original thread is being closed , i hope ppl have a look at that original thread they might have answers to their questions/requests
Original Thread Here:

My Friends, plz be specific when you say not working
i decided to make an FAQ :

1- the program didn't run at all , it needs a dll not existing
solution : plz download the stand alone version

2-you run it for some time and the total clicks is still zero
reason :
i- you may have not added a working proxy list, as the attached proxy sample may be dead today,
ii- also put in mind that to be realisitic i made a random timer, so to have a link clicked at max expect the max program timer value + the time for the page to load and the page timer to

3- The bot counts in total clicks but i can't see the clicks in my adfly account
i- adfly doesn't refresh it's statistics in real time , most of the time it takes >2 hours
ii- you might be using well known proxies, adfly site does process and identify traffic sources , it may reject some clicks, plz provide hi-anon proxy as possible ,let it run for an adequate time say 50 clicks , wait few hours and check adfly

4- what is the best procedure to undoubtedly say this is a working bot or not
i- login to your account, and make some new links
ii- put your new links into address.txt config file, and also verified proxy list , and finally some referral sites
iii - run the program , and adjust you min-max timer to small values this time, let it run for say 30 minutes, you should have 8-15 clicks
iv- wait for 2-3 hours, go check adfly account, you'll find that your new links, that you have not posted to any place, has been clicked, you say WOW IT'S WORKING
v- Kindly, give your feedback to the thread here, to answer other fellows who still ask IS IT WORKING???

New ADFLY v1.1 Bot

The positive feedback i got recently, encouraged me to do some additions, which i see important

New Features:
- Proxy entries increased to be 512 entries
- added a User Agent Support ( each session, each proxy entry will be assigned a random User Agent Entry)

V1.1 Picture

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Download New ADFLY Bot v1.1

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