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Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Download] Famousbook facebook BOT [CRACKED & WORKING]


JoomForest - JF Corporate Features
FamousBook is the fastest way to get your profile or page famous within a few days!
  • Download link here.
  • Instant payment, once you have purchased your tool is active!
FamousBook Features:
  • Create friendrequests from one account to another in order to get more friends/subs!
  • Create page-like invitations to your page using accounts!
  • Invite all your friends to join an event!
  • FaceBook does NOT block your requests!
  • A whole friendlist is suggested/transferred in a few minutes!
  • Invites accepted become friends in your friendlist!
  • Invites declined become subscribers of your profile!
  • Soon to come only for customers: Auto-confirm feature!
  • Soon to come only for customers: Loop through several accounts!
  • & much much more...
  • Transfer all the friends from one account that contains 5000 friends to another account. Now you have a duplicated version that you can sell for a lot of money or you can use it to make money and/or spread! You can do this more than once, all this for a very cheap price!
What you get when purchasing:
  • Lifetime access to FamousBook! 
  • Lifetime support team access!
  • Lifetime access to the Official FamousBook Sharing Group via the forum.
  • All future updates of FamousBook for free!
  • & much more...
  • Get sponsors on your page thanks to its popularity!
  • Advertise using your wide audience! PPD, PPC, PPV, ...
  • Duplicate your pages and profiles and sell them!
  • Use FamousBook at its full potential and you will be rich in no time!
  • Distribute everything thanks to the popularity of your pages and profiles!
  • Monetize your pages thanks to the wide audience!
Why FamousBook:
  • Very affordable for public!
  • Fastest method there is!
  • Works for profiles AND pages, no other method can do this!
  • We constantly update our software, FamousBook will update itself once we release a newer version!
  • Great support team and community chat - 24h/24h online at
  • Explanations, Screenshots, FAQ and TOS are all available for everyone!
  • Great investing, use this software at its full potential and you'll earn a lot of money!

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