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Friday, November 9, 2012

[DOWNLOAD] Admin Page Finder

'Admin Page Finder probbably the best on Internet

ello Hackforums! I have just released a admin page finder program, for more info look down.

Info: This is excellent admin page finder, probably the best on internet because it have the biggest dork list wich use to find admin page. It is bigger then havij, other programs, online scanners or perl scripts. It uses the login system and require the "Hak Forums".net account in order to use it. The program was coded as a my gift to Hak community. I hope you will enjoy it !

-Big dork list so there are big chances in finding your admin page if exist
-Very fast, you can set threads and timeout too
-Status-bar added
-Minimize to system tray
-Login system

Download link:



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