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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[DOWNLOAD] -LEAKiso 2012 NOVAliTE 3.0

A basic stable rat with good all the basic features you need. This rat focuses on stability and smaller size.

Main features
-All windows OS
-File manager
-Service manager
-Window manager
-Registry manager
-Process manager
-System info
-Server info
-Remote Shell
-Send Msg Box
-Http Downloader
-Socks 4 Server
-Browser Passwords
-Key Logger
-Server Update
-Broadcast download (or update)
-Screen Capture and Control
-Change Server ID

Changes in 3.0:
-Removed persistence
-Removed Set server hidden
-Added check all servers
-Added socks 4
-Added Injected into winlogon or svchost
-Added No Injection
-Added second backup DNS
-Added geoip (True server location)
-Put get passwords into one right click command
-Multi small tweeks


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