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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[RELEASE] Blackshades Installer [Builder + Source]

This is one of black shades most expensive products at $250 per build. I managed to get my hands on the builder and the source which I am sharing both with you here today!

Black shades claims that this is 60% silent with a Microsoft signed jar but as you can see in the source it is a self signed cert so all you are getting is a $250 FUD JDB.

To use the builder:
Open URL Encoder and enter your URL (ex

Once you press encode it will encode it to hex with "00" between each hex code.

With the code you have been given off the encoder open index.html and insert the code into param html.

The code for is:
So we enter the param as the following:

Now, save and upload target and index.html and enjoy!

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