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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[RELEASE] Havij v1.15 pro Advanced SQL Injection cracked

Havij v1.15 pro Advanced SQL Injection cracked


1. Supported Databases with injection methods:
MsSQL 2000/2005 with error
MsSQL 2000/2005 no error union based
MsSQL Blind
MySQL time based
MySQL union based
MySQL Blind
MySQL error based
MySQL time based
Oracle union based
Oracle error based
PostgreSQL union based
MsAccess union based
MsAccess Blind
Sybase (ASE)
Sybase (ASE) Blind
2. HTTPS Support
3. Proxy support
4. Automatic database detection
5. Automatic type detection (string or integer)
6. Automatic keyword detection (finding difference between the positive and negative response)
7. Trying different injection syntaxes
8. Options for replacing space by /**/,+,... against IDS or filters
9. Avoid using strings (magic_quotes similar filters bypass)
10. Manual injection syntax support
11. Manual queries with result
12. Bypassing illegal union
13. Full customizable http headers (like referer,user agent and ...)
14. Load cookie from site for authentication
15. Http Basic and Digest authentication
16. Injecting URL rewrite pages
17. Bypassing mod_security web application firewall and similar firewalls
18. Bypassing WebKnight web application firewall and similar firewalls
19. Real time result
20. Guessing tables and columns in mysql<5 (also in blind) and MsAccess
21. Fast getting tables and columns for mysql
22. Continuing previous tables/columns extraction session
23. Executing SQL query in Oracle database
24. Custom keyword replacement in inejctions
25. Getting one row in one request (all in one request)
26. Dumping data into file
27. Saving data as XML format
28. View every injection request sent by program
29. Enabling xp_cmdshell and remote desktop
30. Multiple tables/column extraction methods
31. Multi thread Admin page finder
32. Multi thread Online MD5 cracker
33. Getting DBMS Informations
34. Getting tables, columns and data
35. Command executation (mssql only)
36. Reading system files (mysql only)
37. Insert/update/delete data
37. Unicode support
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