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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[DOWNLOAD] -LEAKiso R.A.I.D. "Official" RAT

So you might be wondering. Why is there a new section on OpenSC!? What is R.A.I.D.!?

Well, to answer your first question, since I came back to OpenSC I immediately wanted to contribute once again to the community. I started talking to the new admins here at OpenSC, getting to know them, and discussing how I can contribute. That brought us to R.A.I.D.

R.A.I.D. - which stands for Remote Access Information Disclosure - is OpenSC's first official RAT. Based on our previous works of Aryan Rat, R.A.I.D. will be a fast and extremely stable remote administration tool created in the C++ programming environment by me, BinaryHero.

Most of you know me here and my programming experience so you can be guaranteed that R.A.I.D. will absolutely be the most stable rat you'll ever use and more than likely become your favorite.

Going into this project I've had the same outlook on the final product as KSV (creator of Bifrost) did. Stability is what makes the RAT, not a bloated application of features you will possibly never use. If you want a rat fast, stable, light, small (boasting an ~10kb stub), and created in one of the best languages, in my opinion, C++ then this is going to be the rat for you.

We're going to keep the GUI clean, and easy to understand. No ugly skins or confusing settings to go through. No huge client taking you an hour just to see its features only to come to the conclusion you needed a few of them and that was it. No, we're keeping it how it should be. SIMPLE yet POWERFUL only outmatched by it's server side application.

Tiny stub ~10kb
Most stable rat you'll ever use
Official OpenSC rat

Below is a screenshot of the current GUI. Subject to change, note you.

Execution of this file is to your discretion, if you are unsure about the contents of this file, analyze/scan it yourself.

P.S. On a side note, he couldn't even come up with the name for his own project. I'm the one who named/made the icon for him.
For what? To be honest, he seemed like a cool guy. But seems he's mostly a scammer from what I've seen.

//File wasn't fully checked by TF team, please use it in protected environment only. @001

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